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Kibar Khalvashi:”Kakheti Regional Governor Misappropriated Our Car”

“It is possible in Telavi District”

Gela Mtivlishvili, Kakheti

Businessman Kibar Khalvashi accuses Giorgi Sibashvili, deputy Kakheti regional Governor, in misappropriating the property of his company “Priza”. According to Khalvashi, Sibashvili drives the car which he had taken from the company’s parking area late at night. Sibashvili refuses the statement of the businessman. According to the vice-governor his had borrowed the car from his friend, but he does not say the friend’s name.

“This car was bought two years ago, but it is still new. The company paid 26 000 USD for it. Sibashvili took this car from the parking area of the Company “Priza” late at night”, said Kibar Khalvashi.

As we have already mentioned, the deputy Kakheti regional Governor clarifies that he had borrowed the car from his friend but he did not say the name of his friend. The state number KAX-300 of the car, which belongs to the regional administration, was illegally fixed on the misappropriated car.

The deputy regional governor was asked if he had really borrowed the car, why he had fixed the state number of the regional administration’s service car to it and he answered:”I have really borrowed this car from my friend. My car was crashed. I will drive this car till my car is repaired. I have not bought it and I did not waste money from the budget. As for the number I have fixed it on the car unofficially, because it is possible in Telavi District. I have not signed the agreement yet but I will and everything will be in order”, said Sibashvili.

Tamar Gurchiani, the lawyer for the Young Lawyers Association, says that the deputy regional governor breached the administrative law, and the patrol police shall react on this violation.”According to the Article 122 Paragraph 3 of the Administrative Code, a person who drives a car with camouflaged state number or with the number of other person should be fined with 500 GEL. Besides this, the car shall be confiscated and moved to the special parking area”, Gurchiani clarified.

Although various media sources spread this information several times, the police did not react on this fact.”I am in charge of the Telavi District and I should react on violation. But I have not reported about this fact yet,” said Aleko Dekanoidze, the head of the patrol police.

Vasil Davitashvili, Telavi district governor, also drives a new car. 10 000 USD was spent on the car from the budget.

“Kakheti was attacked by natural disaster. Nobody assists the population. Meanwhile, deputy regional governor assigned his service car to another deputy Governor Petre Kiknadze and he now drives the new Chevrolet from the Piza Company. This car costs at least 30 000 USD on the market. Vasil Davitashvili, Telavi District governor bought a new car too. He bought a new car of Nissan, which costs more then 10 000 USD”, said Nika Vardoshvili, the representative of the New Rights.

Telavi district governor confirms that he drives the new car, but it was not bought for the head of Telavi District. According to the decision of the municipality board, it was bought for the Military Commissariat. I do not have a car and I have to buy it, that’s why I drive this car”, said Vasil Davitashvili.

It is fact, before buying a new car, very comfortable car of Mercedes served to him, whose expenses were put down to the administration’s account.

It is important that few days ago the natural disaster caused damage of 180 000 GEL to the Telavi District. A lot of families were victimized. The Local Government refused to help them because there were not enough funds in the budget.

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