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Ricardo Is Promised to Have Happy New Year

Shorena Ghlonti, Ozurgeti

www.humanrigts.ge published a story about Ricardo from Natanebi village and it caused serious resonance. Generous people appeared who decided to assist nine-year-old child. Officials from the local authority also woke up and examined the situation of the family of Mikhaev’s once more. They promise before the New Year Ricardo will have his house reconstructed.

Mother of Ricardo Makhaev is disabled person for what the nine-year-old child has to keep the family. In the past, the boy had a perfect dog – he used to sit on its back and ride in the crowded streets. Seeing such a strange picture, people were eager to give money to Ricardo. Now, he does not have the dog and Ricardo has to stand up in bad and fine weather in the street, stop passers-by and beg money from them. However, it is difficult for them to earn money in this way. Furthermore, the Natanebi motor-way is central highway and cars drive too fast. Consequently, begging in the street is very dangerous (see the full story on www.humanrights.ge/index.php?a=article&id=4359&lang=en ).

The article published by the www.humanrights.ge woke up the sleeping bureaucracy in Ozurgeti district administration. Next day the article was published – on November 12, officials of the Public Registration Agency of Ozurgeti district visited the family of Mikhaevs and studied the situation on the place.

“We were informed about the situation of Ricardo Makhaev by the director of Natanebi public school. We asked the mother of the child Fiodora Mikhaeva to write an application to estimate legal identity of the boy. We also got hold of additional materials and three more witnesses who will confirm the birth of the child,” said Vano Menabde, head of the Ozurgeti district Public Registration Agency.

Nevertheless, issuing of the birth certificate was not easy at all. More bureaucratic procedures are still necessary. Since applicant Fiodora Makhaeva is disabled person, they scheduled oral hearing of the application at the place on November 27. After that, governmental officials will make decision within 5 days and the birth registration will finish with it. The bread-winner of the family needs the birth certificate in order to continue studies at school.

Officials from the local government state, Ricardo will have his house repaired before the New Year. Deputy Governor of Ozurgeti district Giorgi Takidze said an initiative group was set up in the village of Natanebi village which will take care to resolve the problems of Ricardo. They will appeal to the population, entrepreneurs for help who will allocate some money to improve living conditions for the family.

According to the village councilor Irakli Tsertsvadze, everything will be done to create better conditions for Ricardo.

Tsertsvadze has been village councilor for three years and he had learned about the problem after the Union of Young Teachers prepared a documentary film about Ricardo. Everybody, who was able to resolve the problems of the child, was invited to the presentation of the film.

However, Marina Topuria, chairperson of the Union of Young Teachers, stated the problems were not resolved yet.

“There is no special service for the family with similar conditions in our country. They need psychological rehabilitation center. Now, we can only resolve their living conditions and it should be done immediately,” said Topuria.

She added that social services are not available for many families. The reason is disability of family members. There should be an active group in the district administration, who will take responsibility to resolve the problems of such people.

Marina Topuria pays attention to the families who do not comply with the requirements of any social program working in Guria region.

“District Agency for Social Subsidies should have scheduled procedures for similar occastions. We are ready to provide corresponding agencies with all necessary data and work on its resolution together if they wish it, of course,” said Topuria.

Ricardo and Fiodora Mikhaevs are waiting for the promises to be realized.

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Name: ანნა
2011-06-24 14:35
სად არის ბიჭი რიკარდო, როგორ არის, გავიგე თბილისში ავსტრიელებს სოფელი გაუშენებიათ ასეთი ბავშვებისტვის, ეგებ როგორმე მივაწვდინოტ ხმა
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