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Judge Passed Verdict on Beselia’s Family Members according to Prosecutors’ Directions

Maka Malakmadze, Batumi

Batumi City Court passed verdict on the son and brother of Eka Beselia, leader of Movement for United Georgia. Juveniles Rati Milorava and Valeri Kirvalidze were sentenced to 18-month-imprisonment and fined with 2 000 GEL; Sergo Beselia and Roin Tsagareli were sent to prison for 2 years and 6 months and fined with 4 000 GEL. The prosecutor requested the length of imprisonment and amount of fines. Judge Jemal Kiknadze at the Batumi City Court satisfied the request of prosecutor completely.

Eka Beselia’s son, juvenile Rati Milorava and second accused, juvenile Valeri Kirvalidze were bailed instead imprisonment.

Eka Beselia: “Saakashvili is more fascist than Kokoyty. He bothered entire world to release kidnapped children and now he has detained school-children instead; so he is more fascist than Kokoyty. The leaders of all regimes Saakashvili protests are better than our president. He is terrible person who keeps children as hostages in order to oppress parents.”

Lili Gelashvili, lawyer: “In this unfair judiciary system and regime I can say that it is first precedent. The verdict was not passed on Rati Milorava and Sergo Beselia today. It was verdict for every action, word and political statements and decision made by Eka Beselia.”

On the day of final trial, Eka Beselia and her family were supported by opposition parties who made short comments after the trial.

Goga Khaindrava, former state minister: “I promise both prosecutor and Judge Jemal Kiknadze that they will be judged in the same court room because they are criminals.”

Salome Zurabishvili, leader of Georgia’s Way: “He is not judge who obeys the directives of the prosecutor. They returned 17-year-old boys to the prison.”

Koba Davitashvili, leader of People’s Party: “I am going to arrive here on December 31. It is not time for entertainment in Batumi when school-children are sent to prison.”

The verdict was announced at 5:00 pm on December 24 in a small court-room that made presence of people and media impossible. The defense side thinks the court decided to hold the final trial in the small room on purpose. Bailiffs were most part of the audience. After the verdict was announced, Eka Beselia’s relatives and friends left the room in noise.

Relatives of the convicted will appeal against the verdict of Batumi City Court at the appeal court.

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