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Graduates VS Shida Kartli Regional Military Police

Saba Tsitsikashvili, Gori

Graduates of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia are refused to get employed at military police. Former soldiers Taraskin, Korinteli, Tedliashvili, Javakhishvili, Guliashvili, Kandorelashvili, Giunashvili, Tsitsagi and Nakashashvili reported the Gori office of the Human Rights Center about it.

In spring of 2009 they decided to join military service of the armed forces under contract. During so-called 3-month quarantine the soldiers were seriously trained. “I was ready to endure everything. I endured much labor, torture and pain during quarantine period. The only think I thought was to do my best to join Georgian Armed Forces. However, several months have passed and everything went in vain,” said Mikheil Taraskin.

After quarantine period the graduates were offered to join military police instead artillery or land troops.

Indeed, the Ministry of Defense sent them according to their regions and residential areas; the soldiers were introduced to the head of regional military police Ramaz Gogiashvili.

The soldiers recalled that at their sight the head of military police got irritated. “Gogiashvili was not eager to employ the soldiers sent by the Ministry. He personally told us that he wanted to recruit completely different people and had sent data about completely different people to the ministry; however, the officials from the ministry threw their documents away,” said Mikheil Taraskin.

The head of regional military police sent the soldiers back home for one month. However, the soldiers sent to other regions were recruited by the local military police departments after they passed all normative trainings.

“We were at home for one month. Unexpectedly they called us, gave military uniform, boots and made us run 600 meters more than it was required by normative training schedule,” said Mikheil Taraskin.

In fact, the soldiers had to run 3, 6 kilometers in sport-clothes. Graduates from Gori ran 4, 2 kilometers. In accordance to the Article 178 of the Disciplinary Rules for Military Forces of Georgia if a soldier does not do the physical normative, he can be imposed by disciplinary law only and shall not be fired. However, these soldiers were deprived from the right to do the normative trainings for the second time; furthermore, they were made to run more than required.

Afterwards, the soldiers have been waiting for recruitment for 7 months already. Several days ago, they learned at Gori district military commissariat that they are fired from military service. The reason for their dismissal was not reported to the graduates. At the commissariat they were clarified that the soldiers were discharged based on mutual agreement. However, the soldiers did not know anything about it.

In order to get additional information, the soldiers went to regional military police office. Ramaz Gogiashvili was promoted and moved to Tbilisi; he works at one of the departments of the Ministry of Defense. Military Police did not clarify anything to the graduates. According to soldiers, there is nepotism in Military Police.

Gori office of the Human Rights Center got in touch with the Head of patrol service of the Regional Military Police Department Ivane Gagnidze. He said: “I have no information about it. Those boys visited our office yesterday but I did not know what to tell them. I have received the order neither for their recruitment nor for their dismissal. Unfortunately, I cannot do anything.”

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Name: Alfon
2013-03-19 08:00
Finding this post solves a preolbm for me. Thanks!
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