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Citizen of Georgia Arrested in Ukraine Might Die

Tamaz Kardava has been imprisoned since August of 2008 in Kiev. He was charged for robbery. Kardava has C-hepatitis and cirrhosis. He has been refused to take urgently necessary medical assistance for the last two months. His health conditions are very grave at the moment.

Tamaz Kardava is an IDP and he left Georgia during the conflict in Abkhazia (1990s). In 2008, during the detention in Ukraine he already had C-hepatitis. Apparently, he was tortured in the Shevchenko district militia station and law enforcement officers forced him to plead participation in the robbery. Medical examinations prove that he was ruthlessly beaten and raped by the truncheons in the militia station.

Tamaz Kardava has been in prison since 2008. He has been refused to take medical treatment for the last two months. Thus, his health conditions have seriously worsened. The prisoner permanently complains of pains in the liver. He cannot walk and even sit.

On March 30, attorney of Tamaz Kardava spread information that his client spent 6 hours lying on the hand-barrow in the court room of Shevchenko district court during the trial. He said everybody saw his poorest conditions in the court. Doctors of the medical emergency aid examined him and said the prisoner might die because of lung problems. After that, the attorney requested to place his client in hospital immediately but the judge did not satisfy his solicitation; the court procedures still continue.

International human rights organization Amnesty International requests Ukrainian government to place Tamaz Kardava in hospital immediately and to provide him with proper medical treatment. The organization calls upon the government to investigate the application based on which Kardava was tortured and ill-treated.

Source: http://amnesty.org.ru/node/1358
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