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Initiative Group of Lawyers Started Manifestation in Front of the Parliament

Initiative group of lawyers started sitting manifestation in front of the parliament building. Representative of the initiative group Shalva Khachapuridze said the protest will last 24 hours a day till the results of the municipality elections of May 30 are announced.

Together with Khachapuridze the famous lawyers Lali Aptsiauri, Gela Nikolaishvili, Malkhaz Jangirashvili and others participate in the protest.  They request the parliament of Georgia to immediately start discussion of the draft-law submitted to the parliament short time ago; the draft law is about the amendments to the election code.

“We have grounded assumption that the government will not accept our draft-law and will try to prevent its realization. We announce publicly that we will act only in accordance to the Constitution and law but the government should not hope that our obedience to the law and self-control will allow them to ignore our draft-law. Our struggle will be consequent, uncompromised and progressive if the tension increases,” stated Shalva Khachapuridze in the name of the initiative group.

Besides that, the group of lawyers appeals to their colleagues, diplomatic corps accredited in Georgia, international organizations and human rights defenders to support their request and ensure the adoption of the draft-law in the parliament.

The initiative group submitted the draft-amendments to the legislative body at the end of the last week when it was already announced that the parliament finished working about election issues and was going to take a pause.

“The legislative body stopped working illegally. There is no precedent when the parliament stopped working because of medieval elections. Besides that, our draft-law is the exception when the MPs should hold special meeting and put the draft-law on motion,” said Shalva Khachapuridze.

Group of lawyers petitioned to the parliament of Georgia to introduce changes to the Election Code on May 7. More than 400 lawyers have signed the draft-law. The initiative group will soon request to introduce the amendments to the election code about the formation of the polling stations for 1 500 voters. The group thinks that the list of those voters who are registered in the district but are not in Georgia shall be posted separately.

The group also requests: regional and central election commissions to be staffed by 14 qualified members based on equality principle; introduction of the free regime to change the commission members and representatives.

The draft-law of the lawyers aims estimation of the 50 % barrier in every election. In addition to that, election commission list shall be made up based on 2/3 rate and other technical-procedural changes too.

News Agency “:Pirveli”
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