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Strikers Committee Is Waiting for the Georgian Manganese to Keep Their Promises

Tamta Kakauridze, Zestaponi

The strike and protest demonstrations against Georgian Manganese might renew in Zestaponi and Chiatura. On April 25, the administration of the Georgian Manganese and the strikers committee reached agreements after negotiations; however, it turned out temporary agreement. The employees of the Georgian Manganese doubt the administration lies to them. They doubted about it after the shareholders of the company could not reach agreement.

Om April 25, a shareholder of the Georgian Manganese Giorgi Kapanadze was leading negotiations with the strikers committee. According to the agreement, the strikers were to stop their protest at 8:00 am on April 26, 2010 in Zestaponi Ferro Factory; the working process was to be renewed after the workers returned to their working places. The administration has to set up the commission of ten representatives of the both parties on April 27, 2010 which would discuss the requirements of the strikers committee before June 15, 2010. The working of the commission shall be transparent and they have to report to the workers every week. The decision made regarding the rise in the salaries was to be realized since |May of 2010.

It later turned out that second shareholder of the Georgian Manganese Ilia Kokaia does not agree the results of the negotiations and simultaneously persuaded the workers in the factory to start new strikes. In addition to that, the workers had to be reported about the ongoing collective negotiations on May 3 but the strikers committee did not have documents on the concrete results of the negotiations. The strikers committee decided after consulting with the workers to postpone the strike for one day. As it was later cleared up, the administration of the Georgian Manganese was waiting for the results of the Ukrainian negotiations where the shareholders had to decide which requirements would be satisfied at the first stage.

The strikers committee has not been informed about the results of these negotiations yet; though they were promised by the director of the factory Vishnevski that the strikers will receive their salaries for April 23-25 too. They were also promised to sign permanent labor agreements; besides that, labor contracts will be renewed with Shakro Bregvadze and Giorgi Giorgidze who were fired because of their cooperation with the Trade Union. As for the salaries, the administration still discusses the issue. Besides that the index issue of the salaries shall be discussed. They will agree the topic with the main shareholder and final reasonable decision will be made which will be acceptable for both parties.
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