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Peak of the Oppression on Voters and Opposition Parties

Shorena Kakabadze, Kutaisi

“The government does its best to intervene in the activities of the opposition parties during the municipal elections. They do it several days before the elections too. Representatives of the ruling party openly or secretly bribe voters, threaten people and try to win the elections with the support of similar illegal methods,” said the representatives of the Kutaisi office of the Alliance for Georgia.

The other representatives of other opposition parties also complain about the dishonest activities of the government. According to them, it is urgently important for the population (and generally for the democratic development of the country) how the municipal elections will be held. Opposition parties can provide concrete facts to reinforce their accusations; they call upon the both local NGOs and international organizations to be more attentive to these violations and react on them.

“The officials, who pretend to be on holiday, are actively involved in the pre-election campaign of the ruling party. They support the candidates of the National Movement with the funds from the local budgets,” said the representatives of the Kutaisi office of the Republic Party.

“The problem is that we cannot argue with the government about set of violations under the law. Any kind of transfer is prohibited during the election period. However, everything was planned and implemented so “well” that the funds are spent on the various activities without any problems. The officials, who are on holidays, visit families and give various promises to the voters. They resolve some problem with the budget funds immediately,” said the single mandate candidate of the Alliance for Georgia Vladimer Nakashidze.

Former member of the Kutaisi municipal board recalled a session of the board when single mandate candidates openly divided the budget funds. They divided money according to their needs during the pre-election campaign to attract the voters in their districts.

Representatives of the Kutaisi office of the Republic Party stated that alongside similar dishonest action, the families of prisoners are oppressed. The commission member in the polling station # 35 in Kutaisi (from the Republic Party) was compelled to resign.

Opposition party members clarify that son of Jemal Dzotsenidze is a prisoner and he serves his term in Rustavi prison. The governmental officials promised the father to take his son to Kutaisi prison # 2 if he leaves the election commission.

“The most astonishing fact is that it happened when this person is impossible to be replaced by another member in accordance to the election code,” said the members of the Alliance for Georgia.

In parallel to these accusations and pre-election situation, the National Movement takes advantage of the remaining time. Next to the election banners and posters the roads are being rapidly repaired in Kutaisi; various institutions are being opened and the streets are being lit.

According to the election banners and posters, the party which is closest to the population and promises better future to them, is the ruling party. They actively declare that there is no time to be lost because more shall be done.
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