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Ancient Family House of the Andronikashvilis Was Destroyed to Build Training Ground for Policemen

Natalia Sarkisasvhili, www.ick.ge

In Gurjaani, the family house of the Andronikashvilis, built in the 19th century, was destroyed. The district administration sold the building at the auction for 13 700 GEL. The district governor Shota Utiashvili reported to the Kakheti News Center that they plan to build a training ground for the policemen in the area.

“The house was located in the yard of the district police station. The service for urgent situations, which was recently established in the regional governor’s administration, moved into the nearby building. The employees of both law enforcement bodies needed space for training and car-parking. Thus, the two-storied house was sold at the auction and the territory was cleaned,” said the district governor Shota Utiashvili.

The local newspaper “Spektri” was first to publish the information about the deconstruction the family house of the Andronikashvilis. The newspaper reported based on the document of 1954 which stated that the territory of Gurjaani was unsettled before 1923. There was only one two-storied building in the area which belonged to Prince Andronikashvili. The house was built with Georgian bricks and the width of the walls was one meter.

Director of the Gurjaani union of museums, historian Shota Utiashvili said that the two-storied house in Noneshvili Street # 6, which was destroyed, really was a family house of the Andronikashvilis. “The house was seized from Prince Andronikashvili in 1921. After the town of Gurjaani was founded, various institutions worked in the building,” said the historian Shota Utiashvili.

During many years, the pretrial detention setting was working on the ground floor of the family house; the criminal investigative department worked on the second floor of the building.
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