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“Go Home!” on Political Grounds

 Gela Mtivlishvili, Kakheti

Akhmeta district governor Koba Maisuradze fired specialist of the district administration Tengiz Mailashvili. The governor said Mailashvili was dismissed based on his personal statement. Mailashvili claims he wrote resignation letter under oppression. He said the district governor called him to his room and threatened him to punish him and his family members unless he wrote resignation letter.

“My daughter Tea Mailashvili is a specialist at Akhmeta district administration. Her husband Zakaria Mamgulashvili joined Irakli Alasania’s political party short time ago and was candidate of the Alliance for Georgia in the municipal elections of May 30, 2010. At the same time, my daughter was a single mandate candidate of the same Alliance in the village of Kistauri. I was threatened during the elections for my daughter’s participation in the elections from the opposition party. After the elections, I was called to the office of Koba Maisuradze and the district governor told me: “How did you dare to come to the office? Who will you work with and who will you communicate with?” I said I had not done anything shameful and continued my relationship with everybody. Several days later, head of the district administration Iveri Tsitelauri called me to his room and asked me to write resignation letter without any explanations. He threatened me with creating problems for my family members unless I obeyed their orders. They said leaving the job based on my personal statement was the best solution for me,” said Tengiz Mailashvili.

On June 9, 2010 Tengiz Mailashvili wrote resignation letter. District governor Koba Maisuradze sent his letter to Iveri Tsitelauri for further procedures and on the same day he released resolution # 546 on dismissal of Tengiz Mailashvili from the district administration.

Governor Koba Maisuradze said Tengiz Mailashvili had enterprise in parallel to his activities in public agency which is prohibited by the law and he resigned based on his personal statement. “He is veterinarian. He had agreements with the butcher’s, Akhmeta district agricultural market and ran private business. It was violation of the law. Apparently, he understood it and decided to leave one of his occupations.” 

-Mr. Koba, how did you get information that Tengiz Mailashvili had business in parallel to his activities in the administration?

-It is not important for you. We checked the information and it was confirmed.

-Where did you check the information?

-Wherever it was necessary.

-Mailashvili claims he was dismissed on political grounds.

-I know what he says but it is not correct. We do not persecute anybody on political grounds. For example, deputy director of sport school Tamaz Obolashvili is a member of the opposition party.

-Which political party does he represent?

-He is member and active supporter of the Christian-Democrat Movement.

According to the administration of the Akhmeta district agricultural market Tengiz Mailashvili does not have any agreement with them. Mailashvili does not hold any agreements with butcher’s either.

Tengiz Mailashvili: “Since April 1, 2008 till July 1, 2008 I worked as a specialist at the territorial agency of Kistauri village based on labor agreement. At that time, I really had agreement with the butcher’s but since August 10, 2009 I was recruited at Akhmeta district administration based on labor agreement. Since March 2, 2010 I was specialist of the district administration and did not run any business at that time.”

Tea Mailashvili: “I was on holiday because of my participation in the elections. My holidays finished on June 23. When I returned to the work, Iveri Tsitelauri told me I could not work in their room and gave separate one to me. They warned me that I would not have any duties at the office. The head of the administration warned me I would have to leave job when personnel reductions start at the administration because I have nothing to do at job and the administration will not need me. The employees of the district administration do not contact me; they do not even greet me.”

Iveri Tsitelauri denies the accusations of Tengiz and Tea Mailashvilis. “They are lying. Tengiz Mailashvili wrote resignation letter himself. Nobody oppressed him”.

-Mr. Iveri, did not you ask him the reason of writing the resignation letter? There is no reason clarified in his statement.

-No, I did not ask. I do not care about it. I have not called any of them to my working room and I have not oppressed them at all.

-Why did you ban Tea Mailashvili to participate in the activities of the district administration?

-This complaint is also groundless.

The lawyer of the Human Rights Center Lia Khuroshvili stated that Tengiz and Tea Mailashvilis are persecuted by the district governor on political grounds. “These people were oppressed before elections too. They were warned about punishment for the “treachery of the government” after elections. As soon as the elections finished, the district governor kept his promise. The working conditions of Tea Mailashvili can be evaluated as psychological oppression. She is compelled to leave the work based on her personal resignation letter.
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2011-02-19 09:38
ბატონო გელა, არა მარტო ახმეტის მუნიციპალიტეტში ხდება ასეთი რამ არამედ გურჯაანის მუნიციპალიტეტში ასეთ ზეწოლას აქვს ადგილი.მარტო თავის კადრებზე ზრუნავენ და ძველ კადრებს კი ჩაგრავენ.მაშ არ არის არსად სამართალი რომ ასეთი ხელმძღვანელობა დაისაჯოს და მოაშორონ თანამდებობიდან?
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