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Companies Transferred Money to the National Movement on the Next Day of the Municipal Elections

 Gela Mtivlishvili

Different organizations allocated sums to the United National Movement on the next day of the municipal elections. The United National Movement received and spent 14 113 411, 8 GEL for the municipal elections of May 30. It is 20 times more than the fund spent by the Christian-Democrat Movement, which took the second place in the election results and 100 times more than the funding of the Alliance for Georgia for the election campaign.

According to the final report of the Central Election Commission, the National Movement spent 13 512 888, 8 GEL on the municipal elections from its own budget. More precisely, the ruling party transferred 11 million GEL to its fund by April 12; on May 11 they transferred 1 200 000 GEL and on May 28 – 1 million GEL. Other assistance amounted to 312 888 GEL.

Sagarejo based KavkasAutoMagistral Ltd allocated 80 000 GEL to the ruling party on May 31, 2010. On the same day the following companies allocated the sums to the election fund of the ruling party: Lochini Ltd – 80 000 GEL; “Bell-Baum” Ltd – 50 000 GEL; “Autoban” Ltd – 60 000 GEL; “Ibolia” Ltd – 50 000 GEL; “Kama” Ltd -100 000 GEL; JSC “Tbilisi” – 60 000 GEL; “GzaMsheni” Ltd – 70 000 GEL; Supervision Department of the Road Rehabilitation and Modernization, Ltd – 50 000 GEL.

“KavkasAutoMagistral” Ltd is the company which has won many competitions announced by the road department. The company implements rehabilitation and gasification activities and installs drinking water systems mostly in Kakheti region. In 2009, “KavkasAutoMagistral” received 14 500 000 GEL for the rehabilitation of the 99-kilometer-long Akhmeta-Pshaveli-Kvareli-Ninigori motor-way in Kakheti region.

According to the report of the Christian-Democrat Movement, total 646 631 GEL was allocated in their election fund. 246 631 GEL of it was donation and 400 000 GEL was donated for TV-advertisements. According to the audit-report, Christian-Democrats spent 659 535 GEL on the election campaign. 16 natural persons donated money to the Christian-Democrat Movement. For example, resident of the village of Gavazi in Kvareli district Davit Kitesashvili transferred 20 000 GEL and resident of the village of Tela in Lagodekhi district Ramaz Tepnadze transferred 22 000 GEL to the party. They allocated the abovementioned sums after the elections on June 3-4.

Election block Alliance for Georgia received donation of 147 380 GEL for the elections from 69 natural persons and 3 legal entities. According to their report, the total expenditure for the election campaign was 136 587 GEL.

Experts stated that in addition to the huge funding, the ruling party misused administrative resources that destroyed all chances of the opposition parties to win the elections.
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