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Draft of Bill of Broadcasting Discussed


Draft of Bill of Broadcasting Discussed

Tbilisi.23.Media News. The Legal committee of the Parliament has discussed the “Draft of Bill of Broadcasting.”

According to one of the authors of bill Giga Bokeria, the Deputy Chairman of the Legal Commettee, television, subordinated by the governmental power will no longer exist – state television will be changed into public television. The Council will be created not depending on the state power.

Bokeria said that in the case of handing over the state TV mast to public broadcasting the private televisions will not restrict the broadcasting of private televisions.

According to the information given by Bokeria, the code of conduct must be elaborated by that Council, cooperating with the Regular Committee.

The member of Legal Committee Koba Davitashvili considers, that public television being financed from the state budget, does not have right to broadcast commercial advertisement. Davitashvili fears, that advertising time limit will cause the reduction of informative opportunities of private broadcasting. Bokeria said that authors of the bill have considered the remarks of private broadcasting companies and advertisement limits will not spread on them. On this stage limitations will have public television but after five years - private broadcasting.

As Bokeria says that election advertisements are free in many countries for political organizations, especially those that had good results at the latest elections.

The council determines the expenses for the function of public television. If public television does not comply with the demands of the society, the Council will cancel it, although, according to Bokeria, such precedent has not happened in Europe.

Ketevan Kokrashvili, the deputy of Economic Development said that the idea of the bill was confirmed by the Ministry of Economic Development, but does not agree with some principles. For example, Kokrashvili referred to the issue of license and stated that case of creation of the Council must not be decided until the State commission does not study the activity of the Regulating Committee.


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