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Vagrant Children Come from Ukraine and Moldova in Georgia


Vagrant Children Come from Ukraine and Moldova in Georgia

Tbilisi.05.08.05.Media News. Having come summer season, so called vagrant children move from Tbilisi to the seaside areas.

According to the statement of Giorgi Tavadze, the Director of Tbilisi Children’s House in Gldani district, adolescents prefer to go to the seaside cities to earn money.

There is no statistics about homeless, vagrant children in Georgia. Children’s Rights City Centre operating at Tbilisi Municipality has been trying to get money for their registration since 2003, but in vain.

„The United Municipal Program must be created for vagrant children, which envisages their registration and distribution. Although it is impossible to implement such kind of program without analytical and statistical data. The information we have about the number of vagrant children is amazing. The census done by various non-governmental organizations showed very different results. According to their data, from 260 to 2500 vagrant children live in the capital city. We think that these children must be censured by the state organization not by the NGOs,”-stated Bela Saria, the Head of Children’s Rights City Centre of Tbilisi Municipality.

According to her statement, in summer period careless children go to seaside cities. During this period the capital is almost empty and their income is zero. They have more chance to earn money in seaside cities.

As for the Children’s House in Gldani, it was established on June 1 by Tbilisi Municipality. It is voluntary for them to stay there. Children from 8 till 18 and adults can come as well as leave the house whenever they want.

“There is no service of receiving and distributing of children at the mentioned House in Gldani, which is one of the main problems regarding the careless children. Children’s Rights Defense Centre demands on rehabilitation of service of filtration to distribute them rationally in children’s houses after the registration,” -stated Bela Saria to Media News.

“Approximately 37 juveniles have come from the North Caucasus, Ukraine and Moldova. It’s clear, that there is no exact statistics on them. Though in summer they also move to seaside areas,”-stated Bela Saria.

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