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Khizri Aldamov Demands to Monitor the Borders of Georgia and Russia


Khizri Aldamov Demands to Monitor the Borders of Georgia and Russia

Tbilisi.09.08.05.Media News. UNHCR will discuss the question of giving refugee status for Chechens being in Georgia.

According to the statement of Khizri Aldamov, the representative of Chechen Diaspora in Georgia, the registration process of Chechens started on August 4 and they are waiting for the answer from the UNHCR in the nearest future.

According to Aldamov, there were some problems with the receiving of refugee status and moving to the third country of Chechens. “None of the countries want to receive Chechens after some Chechens’ hunger-strike during the George Bush’s visit in Georgia. At the same time, it must be mentioned, that some of them go to Chechnya with Russian flags, then they come back to Georgia and ask for refugee status. Such kind of action, which is directly connected with the Russian forces, causes the suspicion of International Organizations and the issue of refugee status is prolonged,”- said Khizri Aldamov.

Aldamov calls for the Georgian Government to carry out the monitoring on the territory of the boarder of Georgia and Russia. “As soon as UN gives Chechens refugee status, the problem will be solved”-stated Khizri Aldamov.

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