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Demonstration of Azerbaijanians in Gardabani


Demonstration of Azerbaijanians in Gardabani

Rustavi. September 1.”GHN.” Population of the village Vakhtangisi of the region Gardabani saw proclamations on Azeri language hung on the trees, walls and telegraph poles.

There were written five demands to the Georgian government in the proclamations and in case of not fulfilling their demands it called for the wide-ranging demonstration of Azeri population.

The authors demand to get double citizenship for Azeri population living in Kvemo Kartli as well as to recover all crimes against Azerbaijanians according to their interests, to implement agrarian reform, to cancel customs’ taxes on the boarder and to employ more Azerbaijanians in State Service.

Telman Gasanov, the author of proclamations was in Vakhtangisi too. He went on strike along with 30 more persons on the boarder.

Gasanov was the deputy chairman of the local government of the region Gardabani. He is well-known among the Azeri population of the region. He often organized such demonstrations in the last years.

Most of population of Vakhtangisi doesn’t join his demands and resulting the demonstration was not large-scale. However, the representatives of the Gardabani region and regional police of Kvemo Kartli arrived there. Also there were employees of the department of constitutional security. The demonstration was broadcasted by three televisions of Azerbaijan.

According to Telman Gasanov, the proclamations will be spread all over the region of Kvemo Kartli in September 15-16. “If our demands are not satisfied, we’ll start to fight for the autonomy, because the most of the population is Azerbaijanian in Kvemo Kartli,”- says Gasanov.

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