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Georgia Will Approve New Labour Code


Georgia Will Approve New Labour Code

Tbilisi, 07.04.06 ‘Media News’ –  On the 7th of April, the first open discussions about the New Labour Code were held by the Judiciary Committee of Parliament.

The project was prepared by the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs, the Judiciary Committee of the Parliament, non-governmental organizations and Georgian European Policy and Legal Advice Centre (GEPLAC).

The project was presented by the head of Judiciary Committee, Levan Bezhashvili. According to him, the present labour code was approved in 70s and does not conform to modern standards. Bezhashvili believes that the legal project is very liberal. The most important part of the project is an article that states people are eligible to work legally from the age 14 instead of the present age of 16.

According to the new laws, contracts will be signed either in writing or in orally, depending on the decision of both parties. The probation period for employees is set at a maximum of six months. The employer has a right to terminate the contract with the employee at any time during the probation period. The maximum number of hours worked per week is forty-one. It is prohibited to hire children under 16, pregnant women, breast feeding mothers or handicapped people for night work. The paid holiday is set at a minimum of twenty-four working days.

In case of an employee being pregnant or giving birth, the worker is eligible to take a vacation of four hundred and seventy-seven calendar days. According to the new laws one hundred and twenty six of these days are payable.

The legal project will be transferred to Parliament for further discussion.

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