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Probation Service Officer Detained in Kakheti


Probation Officer Detained in Kakheti

Yesterday at 11.00am, members of the Constitutional Security Department detained Probation Officer George Legashvili (aged 27) whilst he was allegedly taking a bribe in his office in Gurjaani.

Former prisoner Aleksandre Getiashvili arrived at the Gurjaani Probation Bureau at 10.50am, with an application form stating that he could not turn up at the Bureau for a month. Getiashvili asked George Legashvili to consider this amount of time as an ‘excused absence’. Zura Abelov was also present during the conversation between Getiashvili and Legashvili. According to Abelov, Getiashvili left the application form on the table, putting some money underneath it. Abelov also claims that after that, Getiashvili immediately left the office. “As soon as Getiashvili rushed out of the room, George Legashvili ran after him trying to give him the money back, however he was unable to do this because four persons claiming to be the representatives of the Constitutional Security Department then entered the room. In fact, I myself was detained in the room for several hours together with George”, said Abelov to the Human Rights Information and Documentation Centre.

The representatives of the Constitutional Security Department transferred George Legashvili under detention, to Tbilisi at 15:00pm 
Lia Khuroshvili, a lawyer with the Human Rights Information and Documentation Centre in Kakheti, says that Legashvili’s arrest is another counterproductive operation by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Human Rights Information and Documentation Centre managed to obtain an official document proving that Aleksandre Getiashvili, who gave the bribe to the now detained officer, is often ‘involved in similar activities’, following instructions given law enforcement. 

The relatives and close friends of George Legashvili ask journalists, NGOs and opposition parties for help.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs did not comment on the arrest of the Probation Officer.

Gela Mtivlishvili from Kakheti

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