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Children in Gurjaani Infected with Acute Virus


Children in Gurjaani Infected with Acute Virus

Over the last few days, children in Gurjaani have become infected with an acute virus. The majority of the infected children are transferred to hospitals in Tbilisi, however, some of the sick babies, whose body temperature is above 42 degrees, are being treated at home. Two and three year old children were infected in the Gurjaani Kindergarten #5. Concerned parents have asked the Health Departments for help. Representatives of the Health Department say that they have not been informed about the virus.

“The children got infected in the Gurjaani Kindergarten #5 on Monday. We think they were infected by another child. The children cough their heads off and have high body temperatures. Doctors can do nothing to treat them”, say the parents of the infected children.

A pediatric doctor Maya Djavshanashvili confirmed the facts: “An infection was detected in the children that caused serious concern among both parents and doctors. Some of the patients were moved to Tbilisi. 3 year old Salome recovered from the infection, caught the virus again. The symptoms of the infection are a high body temperature and cough. We will study the facts together with the Sanitary Inspection Department,” added Javshanashvili.

Representatives of the Civil Health Care Centre deny the existence of the infection. According to Nana Djadugishvili, they do not have any official information about the infection. “Nobody has informed us about the disease and we have not received any notification from the hospitals,” declared the representative of the Civil Health Care Centre.

Gela Mtivlishhvili from Kakheti

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