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Speculation in Land-reclamation

Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Financial  police arrested individual entrepreneur Iasha Fajava. According to investigation results he caused extensive damage to the state by the false (fake) documentation. It was doubtful from the beginning that Fajava could commit the crime individually, without somebody’s support. Fajava and land-reclamation company `Enguri-Ochkhamuri` (which itself was in the membership of `kolkhidmsheni` trust) concluded a contract, according which, individual entrepreneur should shored up the flood  walls in the villages of Zugdidi – Shamgona, Koki, Ganmuxuri, Orsantia.( the very villages where the damage because of the river Anguri flood reached to thousands of lari).

According to financial police, documentation showed that works had been already conducted and the money was spent correctly. In fact, there was another real picture: On the second day of Fajavas arresting, the financial police arrested the head of above mentioned land-reclamation company, Ianur Mikava. He founded individual enterprises, nominated his own staff on the leading positions, and later, when the tender was announced, supported these enterprises to win. Mikava was transferring some money to these entrepreneurs, however, most part of this amount was returning to him. In this way, he appropriated 20 000 GL. The case is launched only on one entrepreneur. Its not inconceivable, that 3 other enterprises will share their fate. Mikava and Fajava had already sentenced to two months preliminary imprisonment. At the moment Mikava is in Zugdidi central hospital because of heart attack.

Although the criminals were arrested, this did not gave relief to the residents of Zugdidi villages. They are waiting flood on Anguri in fear, which can not only flood the corn  and nut harvest, but create a danger to human life.

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