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Public Defender Applied Financial Police Regarding Communal Bills

Tbilisi. 06.11.06. Media-News. The population from the village of Patardzeuli in Sagarejo District applied to Public Defender’s Office regarding the problems they have with power distribution and bills.

The representatives of both Public Defender’s and Energy Ombudsman’s Offices arrived in Patardzeuli. People complained about the checks on electricity, which they receive at the cash-desk having paid the bill, because they had no seal and receipts from cash-registers.

Representatives of Public Defender's Office arrived at Patardzeuli Power Distribution Service Office to find out situation. Ia Siboshvili, the cashier confirmed that she was giving checks without any seals and receipts from cash-registers; then she sent money to the chief cashier in Sagarejo. 

Public Defender's Office met N. Mezvrishvili, the chief cashier who also stated that the office had no seal and they are received checks from Telavi based Kakheti Power Distribution Company.

According to Public Defender’s Office, the decree, enacted on 27 February, 2006 by the Minister of Finances, ratified the receipt form. It should have a seal below at the left side corner as well as other requisites. Thus check should be given together with cash-register's receipt regarding the schedule.
Public Defender considers that paid bills are not controlled. Patardzeuli population could not receive valid document and Power Distribution Company can not use a cash-register.
According to Organic Act, Article 21 (c), Public Defender recommended David Kezerashvili, the Head of Financial Police to investigate the case and react on it.

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