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Robbery Ended in Murder

On September 23, armed robbers attacked the family of Baghnikianis living in Rustaveli Street # 36 in the Resort town of Abastumani. One policeman was killed during the accident.
Four armed robbers in masks broke into the house of Baghnikianis at 2:00 AM. Old couple, their daughter-in-law, grandchildren and their married daughter visiting them at that time were at home.

The old people lived alone. Their son lives in Russia and daughter-in-law and grandchildren moved to their place lately. Susana Baghnikiani was visiting her parents at that time and she recalls: “They broke into our house at might and tied up my sister-in-law and me. They were hitting us gun butts. I heard my parents crying. I was also shouting but they threatened me to kill unless I stopped crying.”

Grandchildren crept out through the window during the accident and called police. Forty-three-year-old policeman, Tengiz Chilingarashvili was getting into the house through the window. The old man though he was robber too and fired at him. Unfortunately, the policeman died on the place.

The head of the family, Misha Baghnikian was not at home. Family members claim that nobody was murdered in their house and Misha Baghnikian was taken to police station to interrogate only.

The family members do not know whether the police detained the robbers or not. They do not know who and why broke in their house. They cannot answer the question whether the head of the family had gun at home or not.

Representatives of the subdivision of the small town of Abastumani in Adigeni District within the Internal Ministry’s Regional Department did not make comments on the crime. They did not allow the journalists to enter the police station either. They stated that the Press Service Center of the Patrol Police Department will spread information about the crime.

Gulo Kokhodze, Abastumani

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