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Prosecutor’s Office about Soloman Kimeridze’s Death



The Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia started investigation of Soloman Kimeridze’s death fact. The Prosecutor’s Office spread the following statement with regard to the issue.

“On February 27, 2012 the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia started investigation on the Soloman Kimeridze’s case, who died in Khashuri district hospital because of traumas received in the Khashuri district MIA office.

Due to particular significance of the case, we would like to provide the society with the information about interrogation of witnesses of the incident in the police station and about other investigative activities.

Testimonies of Soloman Kimeridze’s family members:  At about11:30 am police officers took Soloman Kimeridze to a police station to interrogate him about the robbery fact which had occurred in Khashuri. Kimeridze did not resist police officer and did not protest the fact either.

Testimony of Tamaz Gamgonidze, victim of the robbery: Tamaz Gamgonidze reported to the police about robbery at about 4:25 pm. Inspector-investigator Zaza Tabatadze questioned him about the robbery. The interrogation lasted about 25 minutes after what Gamgonidze left the building.

Testimony of Giorgi Kharshiladze, head of Khashuri district MIA department. Giorgi Kharshiladze interrogated Soloman Kimeridze about the robbery in his room. The meeting lasted about 10 minutes and Kimeridze left the room.

Testimony of Malkhaz Tsikelashvili, inspector-investigator who accompanied Soloman Kimeridze: Malkhaz Tsikelashvili and Soloman Kimeridze were in Kharshiladze’s room on the third floor from where they went downstairs to the second floor. Approaching the staircase, Tsikelashvili went forward and Kimeridze followed him down the stairs. Suddenly, Tsikelashvili heard voice of the handrail, turned back and saw Soloman Kimeridze falling over the rail; he tried to catch the man but could not reach him. Kimeridze fell on the ground floor at about 5:30 pm.

Testimonies of police officers who were in the police station during the accident (the list is below): Soloman Kimeridze arrived at the police station at about 12:00 pm. Nobody harassed or abused him. As soon as he fell off the staircase, the police officers called ambulance who took him to the Khashuri district hospital.

Content of testimonies doctors Zviad Lomidze and Pogos Avakyan, who received Kimeridze at the Khashuri district hospital: When he was delivered to the hospital, Soloman Kimeridze was asked how he received injuries and he said he had fallen of the staircase. At 11:40 pm on the same day Soloman Kimeridze died.

Content of interim conclusion of the forensic expertise: There is no trace of beating or torture on the body. The death was caused by trauma received as a result of the fall from the height.

Annex # 1 – Interrogated police officers: Giorgi Kharshiladze – head of police department; Malkhaz Tsikelashvili – district inspector-investigator; Zaza Tabatadze – district inspector-investigator; Besik Kiladze – assistant to detective, investigator; Akaki Khichikadze – district inspector-investigator; Gocha Gugunishvili – assistant to detective, investigator; Mamuka Gamgonidze – head of department of district inspectors; Tamar Lomidze – district inspector-investigator; Paata Khvedelidze – district inspector-investigator; Avtandil Samsonidze – deputy head of the police department; Rusudan Kamkamidze – head of chancellery; Mzia Gogoladze – district inspector-investigator; Marina Gachechiladze – specialist of the chancellery; Iza Nozadze – district inspector-investigator; Aleksandre Darbuashvili – district inspector-investigator; Giorgi Arjevanidze – specialist of economic department; Valeri Kaldani – deputy head of department; Ucha Ramishvili - district inspector-investigator; Dimitry Kimeridze – district inspector-investigator.”

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