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Chamber of Control Expects Explanations from the Cartu Bank Administration

Deputy director-general of the Cartu Bank Nato Khaindrava was requested to make clarifications with regard to Zviad Khukhunashvili and Ramaz Kurdadze’s cases. Nato Khaindrava told journalist about it after her meeting with Natia Mogeladze, head of monitoring department of the Chamber of Control.
Nato Khaindrava said that she had informed Natia Mogeladze that there was no requirement to transfer the bonuses granted to Kurdadze and Khukhunashvili to the Georgian Dream’s account.

“About 18 employees of the bank received the almost same amount of bonuses and it is weird why the Chamber of Control was particularly interested in the case of Kurdadze and Khukhunashvili. It is ordinary operation in the bank to grant bonuses to its employees. We have never observed such a stressful working regime in the Cartu Bank before and so it is not strange that we granted bonuses to our employees to prevent drain of the personnel; with those bonuses we tried to increase their motivation and valued their work in stressful environment,” Nato Khaindrava said.

She added that Ramaz Kurdadze has already quitted bank based on his own application but Zviad Khukhunashvili still works at the bank.

Nato Khaindrava believes that comments of Khukhunashvili and Kurdadze, which were broadcasted by TV-Companies, were made under oppression.

Head of legal department at the Cartu Bank Ramaz Kurdadze and head of Securities Division Zviad Khukhunashvili quitted the positions based on their own applications several days ago. In their TV-comments, Kurdadze and Khukhunashvili said they had received high bonuses and were requested to transfer the received money to the account of the Georgian Dream; it became reason of their resignation application.

Cartu Bank’s president Nodar Javakhishvili denies the information about similar requests to their employees and states that bonuses were allocated because of their good job.


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