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Who Has Exclusive Rights to Search Batumi Garbage

There is a huge dump 8 kilometers away from the renovated Batumi. About100 rubbish-trucks leave garbage every day.

About 50 people work there. They did not want to show their faces in camera. Their relatives think those people work on the construction. Some of them have been working here for ten years and even more. Their only income is money received from the sold bottles and scrap-iron which they collect on the dump. Each of them earns about 15 GEL per day. Those people live in Batumi and nearby villages.

Their only working tool is so-called “crutch”. Besides cell phones, gold, money and shells, they also find completely unexpected things in the dump. Sometimes they witness the inhuman crime and tragedy too.

The people working in the dump say that 1 kilo plastic materials cost 25 tetri. The foreigners have purchased exclusive right to search Batumi garbage.

The residents of the rubbish dump have their own world. Some of them live in those huts; others just rest there and change cloths. The corridor between the rubbish mounts is avenue for them.

It is strange that the residents of the rubbish dump go home too. They leave their stinky clothes on the place and go home to return back on the next morning again. Despite their hard live, those people try to joke about their lives.



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