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13 Supporters of Georgian Dream Interrogated in Sagarejo without Attorneys

Employees of the Chamber of Control interrogated 13 supporters of the Georgian Dream without attorneys in Sagarejo. Head of Sagarejo district office of the Republic Party Gela Kevlishvili told the Information Center of Kakheti about it.

“The interrogation was held on the second floor of the district administration and it lasted from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm. They did not allow us to stay even in corridor. 20 police officers were mobilized in the building. They did not allow lawyers to attend the interrogation. The Chamber of Control asked very awkward questions: they were asking when and why she/he had joined the political party; if they had received any financial aid and many other stupid things. The people were also intimidated. They threatened them with imprisonment unless they made statements. “Unless you answer my questions, the prosecutor’s office will take up your case,” Gela Kevlishvili said.


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