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Journalistic Ethic Charter vs Maisuradze’s Initiative

Journalistic Ethic Charter protests the initiative of the MP Rati Maisuradze about introduction of administrative liabilities for journalists. According to the draft-law, media organizations will not have right to show photos or videos of the suspect if the person is identified. Maisuradze thinks if the accused is identified the presumption of innocence will be breached.

Journalistic Ethic Charter categorically condemns another attempt to restrict the activities of journalists with similar arguments. It is issue of self-regulation of media organizations to release identification materials of the accused and it shall not be regulated by the authority,” the statement of the Charter reads.

As for innocence presumption, the Charter members think the issue shall be discussed by the court because it is issue of individual damage and concrete public agents must not make decisions on those cases.

The statement of the Journalistic Ethic Charter reads that the draft-law is another attempt to restrict freedom of expression and journalists’ rights; so they recommend the Parliament of Georgia not to pass MP Rati Maisuradze’s initiative.

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