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Government Justifies Gross Fines for Drivers by Prevention Necessity

The government justified the aggravated fines for breached traffic rules by prevention necessity.

The parliamentary secretary of the government Gia Khuroshvili told journalists that about 2 000 people have been damaged by car-accidents for the last one year and 200 of them died in the accidents.

Khuroshvili said the acting fines fail to act as preventive mechanisms and the government decided to make fines for several violations grosser.

According to the draft-law initiated at the parliament, 50 GEL fine for crossing of axial line was increased up to 100 GEL; a person will have to pay 200 GEL for the repeated violation within one year.

The fines for the breached maneuver rules and hindering-jamming traffic movement will be aggravated as well.


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