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Free Georgia about Detention of the Director of Ltd AutoGas

Political party Free Georgia released a statement about the detention of Zaza Dolmazashvili, director of the Ltd AutoGas in Telavi. The Information Center of Kakheti published the statement.

“Kakheti office of Free Georgia protests the government’s terror against business in Telavi district on April 25 which resulted into sealing up of more than ten facilities of the AutoGas Ltd and arrest of its director Zaza Dolmazashvili. The governmental officials claim the Ltd director resisted the police officers and criminal case was launched under Article 125 and 353 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

Apparently, the government launched next “preventive” activities against the businessmen that aim to impose absolute control over entrepreneurs before the elections and to maximally mobilize the funds for the “common money-box” of the National Movement. The company belongs to businessman Shota Deminashvili, who has already faced similar problems before. We have grounded doubt that the well-planned and badly camouflaged special-operation of the government has particular “lobbyists” among governmental officials who are eager to completely liquidate this enterprise because it has created competitive environment in Kakheti region in the auto-gas business; several other companies are also represented in the Region in the same filed, like Wissol and AutoGas Pirveli which are protected by the senior governmental officials. Lawyers of our Kakheti office will provide the society with concrete names of people who stand behind those two companies and how they fight against their rivals.

“Owner of the Ltd AutoGas Shota Deminashvili is known as one of the most successful businessmen and Maecenas in the region. He assists many impoverished families, funds medical treatment of many people and takes care of orphans.  The Company has implemented many infrastructural projects in Telavi.

Kakheti office of Free Georgia appeals to nongovernmental and international organizations, organizations protecting entrepreneurs’ rights, diplomatic corps accredited in Georgia and journalists to get interested in illegal and violent actions of the government that unfortunately has acquired frequent character in Georgia.”


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