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Protest against Saakashvili in the USA

In parallel to Georgian President’s speech in Ronald Reagan Center protest rally was held against him outside the building.

Ventura Country Star reports that about 20 Georgian-American activists and others demonstrated below the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum where republic of Georgia President Mikheil Saakashvili spoke.

The demonstrators chanted “Democracy in Georgia” and said they protested what they said is Saakashvili's dictatorial, undemocratic regime.

Organizer of the demonstration, Lasha Shanidze, 37, a native of Georgia, said he was jailed and tortured for 50 days by Saakashvili's regime on trumped-up charges, and has since been granted at least temporary political asylum in the United States.

"President Saakashvili unfortunately took over the power and single-handedly rules the country with tyranny and abuse of human rights," said demonstration organizer Lasha Shanidze. "President Reagan would have been ashamed of him for what he has done to his country."

“Saakashvili became president of Georgia in 2004 when Eduard Shevardnadze peacefully resigned during the Rose Revolution. New government launched democratic and economic reforms but afterwards they turned into a totalitarian regime,” the demonstrators alleged.


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