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American Property-Owner Compelled to Refuse Rent Out Space to the Ninth Channel

American John Wurdeman from Signagi, owner of the Pheasant’s Tears Company, was compelled to refuse the TV-Company Ninth Channel to rent his space. Wurdeman’s brother-in-law Shalva Mindorashvili told the ICK that after they had filed the documents to the Civil Registry to register the rent-agreement, Wunderman was called on the phone and warned to refuse the Ninth Channel to rent his space.

“The space, which the TV-Company Ninth Channel was to rent, belongs to my sister’s husband John Wunderman but it is registered on me under power of attorney. Last week, when we arrived that the Civil Registration Agency to register the document, John was called and warned not to do it. John called me afterwards and asked to take his position into account and cancel the agreement. At the moment he is not in Georgia and does not say who particularly called and threatened him. When he comes back, he will speak about it,” Shalva Mindorashvili told the ICK.

Ninth Channel already has film-crew in Signagi but due to set of problems they cannot launch activities. Ninth Channel’s correspondent Madona Batiashvili said they are looking for alternative space.

We would like to remind you that Ninth Channel cannot rent an office in Gurjaani either. They started negotiations with several property-owners but before the contracts were signed, the owners refused to rent space to the TV-Company. Director of the TV-Company Kakha Bekauri said the regional administration is oppressing the property owners, though the regional authority denies the information.

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