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Former Employee of National Examination Center Missing

Former employee of the National Examination Center (NEC) Mamuka Jibladze has disappeared. Relatives have been looking for him since June 11.

The NEC personnel confirmed information with Netgazeti but did not speak about details.

“We refrain from speaking about details because making information public might originate additional threats for him,” former employee of the NEC told Netgazeti.

Mamuka Jibladze is author of the algorithm of Computer Adapted Test Exams (CAT) for pupils.

On June 13, Netgazeti applied to the MIA to comment on the fact. Head of Analytic Department at the MIA Shota Utiashvili said he did not know about it and promised to find it out.

Later, Utiashvili confirmed the information with Interpresnews and said that relatives had appealed to the MIA regarding Jibladze’s disappearance. “Relatives applied to police about disappearance of the person and he is sought,” Utiashvili said.

Jibladze quitted NEC after the head of the Center Maia Miminoshvili was fired by the Education Minister.


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