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Court Satisfied Lawsuit of Georgian Dream’s Member

Judge at the Gurjaani District Court Nana Chalatashvili fully satisfied the lawsuit of the Georgian Dream’s member Zviad Kviralashvili who requested annulment of the document on his dismissal from job and reimbursement of missed salaries.

Head of Republic Party’s Gurjaani office Zviad Kviralashvili was sacked from job on March 9. Kviralashvili was deputy director at the Ltd Ketilmotskoba, which was founded by the municipal board, and his labor contract was due to May 1, 2012.

The order on his dismissal stated “the labor contract is ceased based on Article 37 – “c” of the Labor Code of Georgia.” The Arrticle states that labor contract can be ceased if any party of the contract breaches contract requirements.

“Ketilmostskoba Ltd was founded on February 1, 2011 where I occupied position of deputy director till March 9, 2012. On March 6, I organized opening ceremony of the Georgian Dream’s office in Gurjaani and on March 9 having arrived at the office, I found order on my dismissal though it did not clarify real reasons of my firing. I appealed against the order at the court. The court concluded that the decree breached the law and annulled it. So, they have to reimburse my missed salary of 700 lari,” Zviad Kviralashvili told ICK.

Director of the Ketilmostskoba Ltd Parnaoz Beroshvili intends to appeal the judgment of the district court. He said Kviralashvili had not visited office since the beginning of March and he had rebuked him for it several times; as a result he sacked him from job on March 9.

After ICK released information about Zviad Kviralashvili’s firing, his case was mentioned in the reports of the ISFED, Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association and Transparency International – Georgia.


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