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“Dream” in the Way of “Nationals”

On June 17, during the assembly of the Georgian Dream in Ozurgeti, journalist of the Ninth Channel was trying to live-interview Eka Beselia of the Georgian Dream during 20 minutes. Meanwhile, journalists of other media outlets - Guria News and Maestro-TV unsuccessfully tried to get into the area to prepare footage about the assembly but the organization group of the Georgian Dream did not allow them into.

Representatives of the organization group claimed that they were forbidden not to let journalists into. However, this prohibition did not work for the journalists of the Ninth Channel and INFO 9 and said it was Nona Kandiashvili’s permission. Our colleagues from the Ninth Channel, acknowledging their privileges over us, were shouting at us. Despite our effort, the members of the GD’s organization group turned up more impregnable than activists of the National Movement.

It is noteworthy that members of the so-called organization group did not allow the vehicle of the Guria News to enter the yard of the editorial office and requested us to park the car somewhere else after what we would have to carry heavy equipment on a long distance.

We managed to overcome the “dream” barrier only with huge effort of the Guria News.

Giorgi Girkelidze, Guria News

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