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Stones Thrown at Trialeti TV Camera Crew in Surami

Goga Aptsiauri, Gori

Stones were thrown at Trialeti TV camera crew in Surami town. TV representatives were there to cover the river Suramula flooding. Suddenly, a silver Mercedes (number WKW 737) stopped near journalist Malkhaz Mikeladze. The individuals sitting in the car, without any clarification, demanded the journalists to quit filming and leave the area.

About five people surrounded the camera crew. All of them were wearing military uniforms. The footage filmed by Trialeti shows that strangers behaved in an aggressive manner, demanding to quit filming, scolding and leveling threats at journalists. Later they started throwing stones. Finally, they got into the same car and left the area. Trialeti TV journalist Malkhaz Mikeladze alleges they recognized one of the attackers; he was Shalva Khachidze of the United National Movement. After stones were thrown at them, journalists had to leave the area.

Media.ge got in touch with Gocha Davitashvili, head of Trialeti TV information service. He said it was not first fact when journalists are abused in Khashuri district. Certain people associated with local authorities permanently observe and control journalists’ activities. Trialeti appeals to Public Defender and the Prosecutor’s Office to respond to the fact.

It was second case of illegal interference in professional activities of the journalist for the last week. Few days ago film-crew of the the INFO 9 was physically abused in Ditsi village. However, no one has been held responsible for the abuse so far.


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