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Regional Governor’s Relative Beat Participant of Program “Kardakari”

Ilia Suliashvili, participant of the program Kardakari [pre-election polls to check voters’ lists] from the Political Coalition Georgian Dream, was beaten in Chalaubani village in Gurjaani district. According to the ICK’s information, relative of the Kakheti regional governor beat him.

The incident occurred on June 30. “They met me and inquired my name and why I was wearing Georgian Dream’s t-shirt. I told them I was member of the GD and participant of the Kardakari program. Initially they started cursing and then beat me,” Ilia Suliashvili said.

“My son Ilia and his friend Giorgi Kakhidze were together. One of the harassers is regional governor’s relative. I have not seen my son yet. Police officers visited him last evening and I learned about the incident from them. Next day, they arrested him,” Ilia Suliashvili’s mother Tamar Suliashvili told ICK.

Gurjaani district court sentenced Ilia Suliashvili to 35-day administrative imprisonment; he is serving his term in Signagi temporary detention setting.

Deputy regional governor Giorgi Sibashvili said he had not information about the incident.


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