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Mayor Gigi Ugulava Accused Metropolitan Seraphim of False and Libel

Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava accused Bishop Seraphim – Metropolitan of Borjom-Bakuriani – of false and libel; Gigi Ugulava stated about it when commenting on the TV-story prepared by Studio GNS where Metropolitan Seraphim spoke about Ugulava’s shouting at the Patriarch of Georgia.

On July 1, Maestro TV’s program “Kviris Reportage” [weekly reportage] released a story where, as anchor Nana Lezhava said, Borjom-Bakuriani Metropolitan Seraphim was video-interviewed in secret. He spoke how governmental officials, particularly Mayor Gigi Ugulava, shouts at the Patriarch of Georgia.

Bishop Seraphim (Jojua) refused to comment on Tbilisi Mayor’s statement.

Bishop Seraphim told Interpresnews he does not want to comment on the mayor’s statement because it will resemble a squabble.

He believes the GNS story released by Maestro TV seriously damaged the Orthodox Church and caused his controversy with the government.

He said journalist did not have right to secretly video-record his conversation. However, the Bishop said he had not said anything strange during interview.

“The young people [journalists] made serious mistake. Do you know how Borjomi residents worry about this fact? They should not have done it. They caused problems for themselves too,” Metropolitan said.


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