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Nana Peikrishvili Threats with Burning Herself Unless Seizure Is Removed from Her Account

Nana Peikrishvili requests the Chief Prosecutor’s Office to remove seizure from her account or otherwise she threats with burning herself. Nana Peikrishvili arrived in front of the Chief Prosecutor’s Office to protest. She said the Charity Foundation Komagi transferred 1 500 lari to her account in June for the surgical operation of her child but the prosecutor’s office seized it based on the court judgment.

Nana Peikrishvili clarified that her child is disabled and needs urgent operation. The mother said she had applied to the National Movement several times and they assisted her too. According to Peikrishvili, a representative of the National Movement gave her a guarantee paper to provide to hospital but doctors did not operate her child based on that document; consequently, the mother had to apply to Komagi Foundation for help.

Nana Peikrishvili said she is not member of any political party and she just is eager to save her child. She said unless sequestration is removed from her bank account, she will burn herself.


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