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Nodar Javakhishvili dismissed from the Post of General Director of “Bank Cartu”

Nodar Javakhishvili has been dismissed from the posts of General Director of “Bank Cartu” and president of “Cartu Group”. According to Javakhishvili, the whole board of “Bank Cartu” is dismissed with him. He said that he received the note on his dismissal from the newly created Board of Trustees by mail.

“It is unbelievable to dismiss all people at once. We have not even seen Ugulava. The government put an end its nine month struggle with “Bank Cartu” -Javakhishvili said.

Tbilisi Civil Court appointed Vladimer Ugulava as manager of the shares of “Cartu Group” and “Progress Bank” as recommended by the National Bureau of Enforcement.

“Tbilisi Civil Court complied with the recommendation of the National Bureau of Enforcement to appoint a manager for 100% of the shares in “Cartu Group” and 21.71450% of the shares in “Progress Bank” on July, 2012. Taking his professional and practical experience into consideration, Vladimer Ugulava, the President of Economic Policy Research Center was appointed as a manager of the property (belonging to National Bureau of Enforcement) subordinate to National Bureau of Enforcement”,-we read in the statement from the National Bureau of Enforcement.


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