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GYLA’s Georgian Media Legal Defense Center Deems Exerting Pressure on Journalist Unacceptable

On July 27th of 2012 GYLA’s Georgian Media Legal Defense Center released statement responding to pressure on journalist Nodar Chachua of Channel 9 TV Company. See the original text of the statement:

“GYLA’s Georgian Media Legal Defense Center (GMLDC) responds to pressure on journalist Nodar Chachua of Channel 9 TV Company. According to the journalist, he was blackmailed by three unknown individuals, forcing him to provide information and in return, they promised financial reward.
As stated by Nodar Chachua, the unknown individuals were demanding information about situation in the television company. They were also forcing him to engage in a sexual activity with a male employee of Channel 9. He also alleges that these individuals identified themselves as representatives of some “service”, who “take care of problems but also create big problems.”
The journalist was able to state information that could help identify the individuals – a telephone number of calls that he received as well as a license plate and series of the vehicle that they drove.
The GMLDC believes that the incident contains signs of offence envisaged by the Criminal Code. Therefore, it calls for a timely and immediate response in order to ensure personal safety of journalists and prevent of any similar facts in the future.
Furthermore, this is not the first case of harassment of journalists and interference with their professional activities. GYLA calls on the law enforcement authorities once more to take operative and adequate further actions, to investigate into cases of harassment of journalists in a timely manner and prosecute those responsible for criminal actions following the investigation.”

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