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Gyla Strengthens Relationship with the Public

“Know who you are choosing and why” “My vote in parliament” – this project was begun by Georgian Young Lawyers Association of the Kutaisi branch. On August 7 organization members met with the media and nongovernmental organizations to introduce them to upcoming activities.

“The project provides a range of activities. The first and most important is the hotline which gives legal advice to society. People should have the maximum amount of information about the pre-election period and about the period following.  The activities of municipal bodies are also very important including how they meet our people’ and citizens’ needs. Every voter should know that municipal bodies are the mediator between the parliament and them. We have planned to work closely with all 12 municipalities in the Imereti region” said Nino Tvaltvadze representative of Gylas Kutaisi branch. At a meeting attended by representatives of political parties and the district election commission, it was stated that during the pre-election and the period afterward the main focus would be problems concerning the capital, big cities, and peripheries will be left without attention. Also citizens in villages have extremely big problems receiving information.

“Our aim is to discuss current issues in the regional context and, therefore, carry out effective measures; we must work actively with majoritarian candidates in order to help people have information even about small and seemingly less important facts” – Gyla member said.

Shorena Kakabadze,Kutaisi

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