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Families Not Victimized by Natural Disaster Also Receive Food In Tianeti

Representatives of the local government give out food in the villages of Tianeti district. The packets, which were prepared for the families victimized by natural disaster, are handed to those families who were not damaged by the natural disaster.

The food aid packet consists of two sacks of wheat flour, 3 liters of oil and 10 kilos of sugar. A citizen from Orkhevi village in Tianeti district told ICMM that only 12 families were damaged by the natural disaster out of total 200 families. However, almost every family received the aid. “My family was not damaged but we also received wheat flour, oil and sugar. They gave products to almost every family. I was very happy and surprised. Everybody accepted the aid,” a citizen said.

“Neither Village Zhebota got damaged by hail and wind but products were distributed there too. However, they did not give products to every family – supporters of the Georgian Dream did not receive products,” Zhebota residents told ICMM.

Funds to purchase food for the victimized population were allocated from the reserve fund of the government. Employees of the district administration and municipal board, who are also members of the National Movement, distributed food packets in the villages.

Irine Urushadze, lawyer of the Transparency International-Georgia: “If members of the United National Movement distribute aid for victimized people and beneficiaries of their aid are those people who were not damaged during the natural disaster, it is bribery of voters. There are no boundaries between the local governmental officials and ruling party. If beneficiaries are selected on political grounds, it is pre-election campaign. So, this action is bribery of voters.”

Villages in Tianeti district – Simoniantkhevi, Gulelebi, Gorana, Nadokra and Nakalakari were damaged as a result of heavy rain and hail on July 19. Tianeti district governor Giorgi Abashvili told ICMM that damage in the district amounted to 300 000 lari.


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