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HQ of the Georgian Dream’s Majoritarian Candidate in Poti Lodged Suit to Prosecutor’s Office


Inga Gvasalia, Poti

Election HQ of Eka Beselia, majoritarian candidate of the Georgian Dream in Poti, lodged suits to Poti police department and prosecutor’s office. They complain about the incident in Agmashenebli Street in Poti on August 3. 

Coalition activist Omar Gugushvili said Irakli Nachkebia, member of the National Movement’s local office insulted activist girls of Poti office of the political coalition Georgian Dream; he tore fliers and threw into their faces when activists were distributing invitations in the streets.

“Irakli Nachkebia of the National Movement approached us, tore our newspapers and fliers, threw them into our faces and said we are traitors of our country,” the activists recalled.

According to activists’ clarification, soon a black car Toyota GJG 251 also approached them; it belongs to the Constitutional Security Department of the MIA and they recognized CSD officers in it. The person from the car insulted the young people and demanded them to stop distribution of booklets.

Legal office of Eka Beselia’s election HQ lodged suit to the Poti district police department and prosecutor’s office regarding the incident. Beslia’s office is concerned about the incident and detected signs of criminal offence in it.

Georgian Dream’s majoritarian candidate Eka Beselia said the government has breached the memorandum though they had recommended to political parties to act in accordance to the memorandum. The document regulates activities of political parties in order not to hinder each others’ election campaign and assemblies.

Eka Beselia clarified that incident of August 3 is criminal crime and relevant institutions shall adequately respond to it.

The election HQ of the Georgian Dream’s majoritarian candidate in Poti is concerned about the incident. Head of legal office Lili Gelashvili said Irakli Nachkebia was provoking the incident. His behavior was provocative: “In addition to that, law enforcement officers exceeded their professional power and breached public order. I would like to declare that those incidents were politically motivated and contained provocative signs; our suits are about those incidents and we request prompt investigation of the facts. In order to avoid similar facts in future, the investigation shall be launched under Articles 100 and 101 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.”

The suit will also be sent to Chief Prosecutor of Georgia Murtaz Zodelava.
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