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Leonid Tibolov: “Georgian Villages Will No Longer Exist As Residential Territories”

Houses, which remained in ethnic Georgian villages near Tskhinvali after the August war in 2008, are being deconstructed now. South Ossetian media reports that Leonid Tibilov, de-facto president of South Ossetia had stated about it. Ethnic Georgian population abandoned those villages after the war in August of 2008.

Tibilov said industrial and agricultural infrastructure will replace houses in the area. De-facto government is going to change old names of the villages as well.

“Those territories will no longer exist as inhabited areas,” the de-facto president said.

According to Ossetian media-sources, the de-facto president spoke about 8 villages including Tamarasheni, Kurta, Kekhvi and Achabeti.

Tibilov said some houses are not yet deconstructed but they plan “to legally register the territories of ruined houses in order to avoid extra questions of certain people in future.”

“You will not recognize the area in 3-4 years. Some houses are still standing in Tamarasheni (we have already constructed micro-district Moskovski there). We did not touch Kekhvi chapel but big part of houses was already deconstructed there,” de-facto president said.

Chairman of the Georgian parliament’s committee for European Integration Davit Darchiashvili evaluated the decision of the SO de-facto government to deconstruct houses in Georgian villages as next fact of occupation and annexation.

“This is concrete fact of occupation and annexation implemented by Russia,’ the MP told IPN and added that this fact not only breaches international law but “it is humanitarian cruelty.”

“One day, everything will finish and perpetrators will be punished,” Darchiashvili said and added that Georgian side will continue fight for the de-occupation of Georgian territories through diplomatic negotiations.


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