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Opposition Parties Request to Remove Unreal Addresses from Voters’ Lists

Kutaisi office of the political party Free Georgia might appeal to the court. They have observed several addresses in Kutaisi which do not exist in fact. 

“Addresses, which we talk about, do not exist in reality. We appealed to the Kutaisi District Election Commission several times to remove them from the list but they did not do anything. They said that those addresses are real and people live there. We requested borders of election districts with its flats (of the entire city). And for example, we discovered one street (Sulkhan-Saba #10 A) where not only nobody lives but there is no address at all. We petitioned to the Commission about it but they stubbornly say that people live at those addresses,” Gogi Tsulaia said.

He added that many objects are listed by election commission where people do not live and moreover, metalo-plastic work-shop is located in one address.

Representative of Kutaisi district election commission state that Free Georgia’s blames are groundless because people live in those addressees.

Free Georgia intends to lodge a lawsuit to Kutaisi City Court.

Shorena Kakabadze, Kutaisi
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