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Ambassadors’ Working Group of Observe Processes Linked with Election Environment

The Ambassadorial Working Group (AWG) continues to follow closely developments related to the election environment in Georgia. The group of ambassadors mentioned about it in their statement.

The AWG strongly supports Georgia’s democratic development, and in particular the fundamental principles of free and fair elections, a level playing field for all participants, equal access to media, and respect for the rule of law.

In this context, the AWG urges all political parties and authorities at all levels to adhere to the 17 point code of conduct proposed by the campaign ‘This Affect You Too’, and to respect both the election results validated by the Central Election Commission, and a process assessed by independent international observer organizations, in the first instance the OSCE/ODIHR, as having met international standards and norms.

The AWG also underlines the important role played by civil society organizations (CSOs), and reminds all parties that CSOs and independent observer organizations should be allowed to operate without any undue pressure or interference.

The AWG urges all political parties to adhere to the abovementioned proposals in the interest of advancing Georgia’s democratic development by ensuring free and fair parliamentary elections.

As also noted in our previous statement, the AWG welcomes the improved access to a diversity of media sources, which was made possible with the “must carry/must offer” legislation. Given the fact that some areas in Georgia have little access to cable television, the AWG encourages consideration of ways to further support wider access to free media beyond areas covered by cable television, especially in the regions of Georgia.

The AWG believes that all political parties bear the responsibility for ensuring free and fair parliamentary elections and continues to support all efforts to this end.


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