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Street Traders are Dispersed in Tbilisi

Street Traders are Dispersed in Tbilisi

On January 28 street traders started protest action in Tbilisi. They protested the decision of Tbilisi municipality regarding the prohibition of street trading from February 1st.  The municipality offered outside traders to move to the markets that appeared unacceptable for them.

The demonstration was dispersed by the special group of police. The head of the police group Temur Mgebrishvili beat one of the women demonstrators. Three persons are injured and are under treatment. Three demonstrators are detained by the police.

Human Rights Information and Documentation Center made a statement condemning the use of the police force against peace demonstrations and expresses the concern regarding the human rights violations that lately takes place repeatedly.

To remember, on January 11, 2004 police dispersed the protest demonstration in Terjola district near the village of Jishura, which was organized against the detention of criminal Zaza Ambroladze.

The action was dispersed brutally using clubs and several demonstrators were detained who are still under detention.

On January 11 in Rustavi city the family members of the criminal Koba ShemazaSvili and his relatives organized protest action and demanded from the police to stop illegal actions. Police dispersed again the peace demonstration and several demonstrators were detained among whom there were those citizens who appeared near the place of demonstration accidentally. One of such person - G.i  Ch. was beaten severely.

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