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Authorities Detain Journalist Irina Gogosashvili in Poti


Authorities Detain Journalist Irina Gogosashvili in Poti

On April 27, at 3:30 p.m. authorities detained journalist Irina Gogosashvili in Poti (Western Georgia). She worked for Channel 1 for seven years, then moved to the Premier Company, and finally to Adjara TV, where she had just been hired.

Authorities claimed she had been detained for using an expired document during previous work. According to MP Giga Bokeria, she had false documents from Channel 1 and was illegally gathering secret information.
At first, the security committee detained Gogosashvili. After searching her bag, the document in question was found. According to Gogosashvili, her was politically motivated, since authorities charged her with illegally gathering information and broadcasting it on Adjaran TV.

Yesterday, police took Gogosashvili to the Tbilisi security isolator, and released her at 8 p.m.

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