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Standardized Testing–Mechanism for Hand picking Staff?
Every civil servant in Kakheti Regional Administration will have to take a civil service examination. The test is now compulsory and those who do not answer 75 questions out of 100 correctly will be dismissed from their positions. The Human Rights Center has information in its procession that all employees of all Municipality Boards and District administrations of Kakheti Region must stand for this exam. The bodies of local self governance and administrations have already received the instructions in this regard.

Russia is a big, fluffy but misunderstood pussy-cat - how the August war started?
The debacle of the Georgian army and its national security policy has proved what the Georgian leadership has re-discovered in a standby old maxim: that a foreign policy without a credible military is no foreign policy. Much debate and learned commentary has been made as to how the war started, which may be a moot point in the final analysis of the situation that Georgia faces today. The much acclaimed US train and equip program has proved a dismal failure at best.  It was likely more designed to train Georgian troops for planned rotations in Iraq and Afghanistan rather than for protecting the legitimate territorial integrity of a sovereign state within the framework of a democratically-elected government.

Harvest of “Custer Bombs” in Georgian Villages in Gori Region
A covert follow-up investigation on October 2 by reporter Jeffrey K. Silverman, and a freelance photographer, Ian Carver (both American citizens) revealed cluster bombs were used in Georgia’s Gori region, (security zone), as earlier documented by the Human Rights Watch in South Ossetia proper. The two had slipped through the Russian block posts on the edge of the security zone between Gori and South Ossetia by posing as locals and using local transport.

Georgia on the 56th Position among Failed States
Georgia Competes with Belarus for

“Deteriorating Situation”

“Foreign Policy” and “Fund for Peace”, two well-know American institutes published an eye-opening annual list of failed and disturbed states. Georgia is on the 56th position in this list. The report clearly shows that things are not improving to the better and the country has been reduced in its position on list, and down from last year. Belarus is a bit worst and falls in the 53rd position – and the higher the score the worst the situation that a country faces. 

Doctors Sitting on Time Bombs and Majority Might Lose Jobs to Hospital Reforms
Journalistic Survey

Prior to the implementation of the reforms in medical sphere a serious campaign was launched against medical doctors. Everybody should recall the information that was constantly being delivered each and everyday Georgian TV Stations. Various doctors were being blamed for the death or mistreatment of their patients. Doctors claim that similar incidents are not rare but this information was announced publicly when it became convenient for the vested interests of some. 

Never-Ending Saga of “Flogged Off” - Transferred Hospitals
Will the Government Hold its Ground to “Medical Revolution”?

The implementation of general plan on hospital network development was followed by much heated controversy. Many publications were dedicated to this issue and many discussions have been held. However, the results of “large scaled” flogging off of medical facilities for the whole of Georgia hasn’t been yet realized. The purpose of our writing is attempt is to attempt to show the positions of all the range of stakeholders, as well as to predict and influence the overall situation that might follow the “big deals” made in the field of medical and the health implications. Doctors are predicting that there will be a “Medical Revolution”. This is understandable, especially since many of them will become jobless as a direct result of this massive privatization.

Inevitable Schedule of Tender-Only Insiders Take Part in It
“24 Hours” the interested parties purchased the entire press run of that issue.Although the tender for hospitals were announced in the newspaper

A small business group somehow was able to get hold of almost every hospital in Georgia. How was the tender carried out and why did one of the winner investor refuse to buy the hospital and told the action was on the same level as robbery? How an investor is protected from the government that might later take the hospital back after has been repaired and renovated by the same investor?

Questions Raised by the Khurcha Incident
If indeed staged by Georgian authorities themselves, the incident is a disturbing example of cynicism, playing on the tragedy that befell the victims of the Abkhaz conflict, risking the lives and health of innocent civilians for political gain.

Teachers Barred from Meeting Opposition Candidates
Teachers of the public schools are banned from meeting with single mandate candidates from among the camp of opposition candidates. School directors have made such statements to the teachers under the name of Educational Resource Centers and from district organizations representing the National Movement last week. Moreover, teachers have been warned from attending any meetings with single mandate candidates. They have been told that they are only allowed to meet those representing the ruling party.

Nugzar Abulashvili: “Who not with me goes to jail!” (Part I)
Nugzar Abulashvili, a majoritarian candidate for MP from the United National Movement, is tied up with many criminal cases, and he is considered of being guilty of abusing his authority.  Former officials from the government and prosecutor bodies, representatives of the NGOs, journalists and ordinary people are demanding that criminal prosecution be started against him several times already, and in spite of all effort and recriminations, they have not been successful in their pleas.

Video Patrol vs. Human Rights
“Thanks to the patrol police,” – a phrase which has become famous after various TV projects were initiated by the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs. However, very often we have heard how citizens are shout “do not shoot me with the camera” when the press service department of the Ministry prepares the latest action-packed TV program.
We tried to find out whether human rights are breached when a person is caught on film without his/her permission even if s/he is a suspect being sought or arrested by patrol police.
School Reform: What’s the problem? (Part II)
The institute of the tutorial board, which was established as a result of educational reform, is another current but separate topic for discussion. Experts concluded that these boards failed to achieve their started goals. They have been totally ineffective. First of all, the articles providing for tutorial Boards were inserted in the law without complete consideration. And other than a two-year preparation period for implementation that was mentioned into the law, and was not done accordingly and the decision was immediately made to elections. Consequently, the members of the tutorial board were not sufficiently trained to do their jobs.

Who Is threatened with School Reform?(Part I)
Journalistic Survey
What should teachers think about-their contract terms or children’s education? 

Directors and teachers of Georgian Public Schools have sign employment contracts. The stipulated terms of the contracts vary in among schools from 1 to 6 years in duration. However, what would otherwise seem mundane has experts concerned. They claim that those contracts under such stipulated terms are in contradiction with the Georgian Constitution and international law. It is not that the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science that made the requirement to indicate the duration when contracts are signed.
What Is the Connection Between the Names of Queen Tamar and Jockey Club?( Part I)
 Full Gallop towards 175 Million USD

Investigation consists of figures and documents. We could find the truth by comparing those figures and documents to each other. 35 acres of land was appropriated and a new district of the city will be soon built there. Constructors will receive profit of hundreds of million US dollars. The city has lost old hippodrome; however one group of people have guarantees to become millionaires. “Heroes” of the Tbilisi Civil War in 1990s, former militants of the armed formation “Mkhedrioni” are members of the group who soon will become millionaires. Giorgi Rurua, the brother of MP Nikoloz Rurua, is one among them. Investigation team did not continue a search for other protectors of criminals…

What Does Tbilisi Breathe In
No Comprehensive Researches are Carried out to Study the Air Pollution Problem

The research carried out on atmospheric air pollution a few years ago, showed that the health of 11 % of the Tbilisi population was in danger. The main reasons for pollution were low quality fuel and cars. Nowadays, the main reasons for air pollution remain the same, but no new research has been conducted. Nobody knows whether the percentage of people in danger has increased or decreased.
Alive Dead or ''Know-How
Journalistic Survey

Aleksi Bakhutov was arrested on 27 June, 2007. Kakheti Regional Prosecutor’s Office blamed him for premeditated murder of Lasha Chopikashvili, and Telavi Regional Court sentenced him to six-year-imprisonment. During the investigation Bakhutov was so severely tortured that he blamed other people for having committed the crime together with him.
Are there political prisoners in Georgia currently?
yes No I do not know


They wait for me in Abkhazia
Last time, I visited Abkhazia five years ago. Since then, not a day goes by without thinking about it, without missing the Abkhazian
Another proposal on agreement
Women – victims of violence


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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