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 In accordance to the Law on Broadcasting, news programs and public-political programs shall not be sponsored. The law also prohibits placement of commercial advertisements in the news programs which last less than 30 minutes. According to the same law, administrative institution cannot sponsor the program. Kakheti region based local TV-stations and self-governmental institutions breach the law.
Child Lost in the Forest Is Not Found Yet
Vasiko Tsiklauri disappeared on September 26.  He has been unsuccessfully quested till now. The family hopes the child is still alive and traffickers took him to Azerbaijan.
Prisoners of the Regional Governor
On November 27, 2010 about 100 residents of Vazisubani village in Gurjaani district held protest rally against the JSC Kakheti Energy Distribution Company. They requested restoration of electricity supply. The rally participants blocked the Telavi-Tbilisi motorway for several minutes.
Profit from the Position of Regional Governor
The previous Regional Governor in Shida Kartli -Lado Vardzelashvili, passed down the instructions to the current governor of the region Zurab Arsoshvili. According to those instructions, the state budget should cover the flat-rents for several officials of the local authority. Of the 1,600 liters of fuel in total, 1,000 liters of fuel was earmarked for the regional governor, and the other 600 liters for his deputy.
State Money for GONGOs
  “Civil Institutionalism Development Fund” was established in the framework of the second wave of democratic reforms of the government in 2009. The Fund is funded from the reserve fund of the government and it aims to support non-governmental organizations.
Documents Sacrificed to Stalin’s Statue
What were legal basis for the removal of Stalin’s statue in Gori? Why did the government decide to dismantle the statue at night which was set up while Stalin was still alive? Did the people request it and what are official documents to prove it? We started to collect information about the removal of the statue next day after it was dismantled; the procedures took more than two months.
God-Fathers, Fathers of God-Children and Relatives on High Positions
“Before the Rose Revolution we lived in a country where nobody respected education and people succeeded with the support of their influential relatives and wealth. Today we live in a country, where there is only one criterion for employment: professionalism and patriotism. Acquaintance, friendship, and relation should not work in selecting the colleagues,” President Mikheil Saakashvili stated on July 20, 2010 in Kvareli district.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs will not Declare the Exact Number of the People Lost in the 2008 War
How many people were lost after the 2008 Russia-Georgia war? According to the Ministry of the Internal Affairs, only 7 people are lost. Although, the Human Rights Center journalistic investigation shows that the number of the lost people is much higher.
The guns kept in the children’s wardrobes, in other words how the political prisoners started
The Conservative party member Demur Antia was arrested on September 5th, 2008 in the morning at 5 o’clock. The search took place in his home early in the morning. Police found guns on the second floor in the children’s room. Despite the obvious violations in his case, Antia was convicted a year in prison.

“New Anaklia” on the Private Land
The president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili announced the plan of the development and rehabilitation of the infrastructure in Anaklia on September 8 last year and promised the locals that in 2-3 years Anaklia would be a nice sea-resort. Those Spanish architects will work on the project of “New Anaklia” who planned the new boulevard in Batumi. He said yacht-club, hanging bridge, boulevard and new infrastructure will be constructed in Anaklia. However, the local people could not even imagine that it would happen at the expense of their property.

Deputy Administrative Head Misappropriates Aunt’s Property
Kartlos Kipiani, deputy head of the Georgian Government administration office, sold his aunt’s house in spite of the fact that power of attorney had expired. The sale resulted in 20,000 GEL being transferred to his personal bank account.   He never shared any of the proceeds  with his aunt during the proceeding legal process between him and his aunt, Nani Kiphiani, and which has been continuing now for three years.

Election Struggle without Rules
On June 9, 2010 TV-Company “Imedi” reported in its morning news program that director of the public school in the village of Balghojiani in Kvareli district Zurab Tabagari was accused in the attempt of the rape of a school-girl from the 9th form. Three teachers accused the director in the crime. On the same day, one more telecast was shown by the TV-Company “Imedi” in its 8:00 pm news program “Chronicle” where a resident of Balghojiani village Levan Kekenadze stated that the school director was blamed in similar activities in the past too and several people wanted to kill him because of his behavior.

A Man Gone for Bread Returned Home Three Years Later
Member of the Ossetian Association in Georgia Giorgi Khetaguri disappeared for three years. He was detained on October 29, 2006 but the law enforcement bodies did not inform anybody about it. The society received complete information only after Giorgi Khetaguri served the complete sentence. Khetaguri, convicted for the purchase and usage of narcotics, said that he was sent to prison on political grounds. The law enforcement officers wanted to compel him to be their informer on the Ossetian side.
Disappearance on Ethnic Grounds
Several ethnic Ossetians have disappeared during recent years (Khatuna Charaeva, Lavrenti Kaziev, Ibragim Laliev, Vladimer Eloev). The relatives finally found the missing people in the Georgian detention settings. Later, the law enforcement officers released the detainees and transferred them to the Tskhinvali regime. After studying their cases, we doubt that Georgian side arbitrarily detained Ossetians on purpose in order to involve them in espionage or to exchange them into Georgian hostages.
Protest of Regional Media – “Give Us Public Information”
Region-based media outlets protest the violation of the right to freedom of information by public agencies. “We cannot carry out our journalistic activities when the information is restricted. By blocking the public information, the government tries to deprive the society from their right – to get correct information,” statement of the media representatives signed by 18 media-outlets.
Strictest and Largest Report of the US State Department About Georgia After the Rose Revolution
US State Department published its report about the human rights situation in Georgia early in March of 2010. The document is very critical and it highlights many facts of human rights violation throughout Georgia in 2009. The information provided by the Georgian and foreign non-governmental organizations and by the report of the public defender of Georgia is used in the report. US State Department in fact admitted that there are political prisoners in Georgia.

Murder of 16-Year-Old Boy in Unprotected Border Village
A person was murdered at Georgia-Azerbaijan border. Witnesses said Azeri border guard shot 16-year-old Akhmed Gaurgashvili, resident of the village of Erisimedi in Sighnaghi district, on Georgian territory. Locals state Georgian border guards do not control the border; they are standing only at the checkpoint at the entrance to the village.

Statement of the Human Rights Center on the Provocation of Imedi TV
In the evening of March 13th, the invented story released by the TV-Company Imedi about a new war panicked and astonished the Georgian population. The short warning was made before the reportage, where journalists stated the story was simulated, though there was no banner on the reportage itself stating that information was fake.

Hostage of the Government
Last December, American congressman Frank Wolf sent letter to the Minister of Justice of Georgia Zurab Adeishvili and requested to release political prisoners. The Congressman quoted an extract from the report of the US State Department on Human Rights which discusses politically motivated detentions together with other violations; the report also underscores oppression on the judiciary system by the government. Before that, FIDH confirmed existence of political prisoners in Georgia.

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