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The HRIDC Discloses City Council Corruption in Gori
A document, proving a corrupt deal between the Gori City Council and the suspicious company Galavani 2007, ltd., has fallen into the hands of the Human Rights Centre’s Shida-Kartli Office. Galavani 2007, ltd., won a contract for elements of renovations in and around Gori on August 30, 2007. On September 12, 2007, Prosecutor David Sakvarelidze talked about the company at a briefing. The Prosecutors Office blamed former governor Vasil Makharashvili for illegally transferring 30,000 GEL to Galavani 2007, ltd., which was owned by arrested Governor Irakli Meladze.
The Yellow Bus Bilkers: Ticketless Passengers
Why have the yellow bus conductors disappeared? Why don’t drivers sell tickets? More generally, why was it so necessary to set up the ticket system if nobody utilizes them? The Human Rights Centre put these questions to Tbilisi Autobus, ltd.

New Gubernator Intends to Seize Properties by New Methods
Despite personnel changes in Shida Kartli Regional Administration it is still difficult to receive public information from officials. The situation is further complicated by the fact that whole documentation on the district administration was taken to the law enforcement bodies. Although journalists say that it is not problem for them to enter the administrative building now, it has no sense to visit the administration. Nobody will issue any official document to journalists there.

Robbery in the Name of „Culture”
Gurjaani Municipality has prepared convenient scheme for appropriating the budget funds-sometimes they apportioned money for guests who arrived in the region on trainings and then the Municipality staff arranged parties for them in cafes. Sometimes they allocated money on various state programs and then that money also disappeared. Georgian President made loud statement-“We are fighting the corruption together. Every public official, who will dare to appropriate state funds, will share the fate of Telavi district governor.” However, nobody remembers that statement now.
„People’s” Market Is Being Sold out
Scandalous market in Gori is being sold out without asking anything to its previous owner, Jemal Tsiklauri. Current director of the market, Anzor Kachkachishvili also confirms the fact.
Great Money Squander-Where Is State Budget Spent in Gori District?
(Journalistic Research)

Shida Kartli Prosecutor’s Office is carrying out an investigation on the money squandering from state budget in Gori district. Journalistic research, carried out by the Human Rights Center (HRIDC), confirmed that in 2004-2006 high-ranking officials have really squandered money from the state budget.

Why Do Tourists Pay Seven Lari More for a Museum Ticket in Gori?
This year, there are a lot of foreign tourists in Gori streets. They are from England, America, Poland, and the Ukraine. Tourists arrive in Gori to see Stalini Monument and museum. However, unlike local people, foreigners have to pay more for tickets.
Altered Budget with Similar Plans
On July 17, unlike other meetings, the session of the Gori Municipality started fifteen minutes later. Nukri Papunashvili, the Deputy Chairman of the Municipality, excused himself for being late.
Brother Always Supports His Brother…
Close relationships supports people to obtain high positions in the Shida Kartli Regional Administrative Board. According to the Press-Service Center for the Regional Gubernator, Davit Kekelishvili, former Deputy Governor, was appointed to the position of the Deputy Gubernator. During his activities in the Administrative Board, Kekelishvili patronized his brother and the latter was appointed as a director of the Sport-School. Kekelishvili apportioned 70 000 lari to his brother’s school.
Financial Police Verifies Its Doubts but Firm Loses Thousands of Lari
Financial Police has sealed up the property of the “Gorgia” Ltd for more than one month. Officially they blame the firm for having some violations in Tax Documents. According to unofficial information the owner of the Ltd is demanded to pay five million lari or to yield one of his enterprise. The board of the “Gorgia” claims that their accountancy is transparent and they are ready to pay fine for some violations discovered in their documents. Almost 300 people are employed at the firm and their salaries range from 300 to 1000 lari a month.
Impoverished Patient Blames Doctors for Carelessness and Corruption
The family of Abetsvashvilis, living in the Signagi District, blames the doctors of the Tsnori hospital and Tbilisi Burn Center for negligence. They claim that the doctors did not treat three-year-old Ana Betsvashvili, who was in poorest conditions with severe burn, until the media and NGOs got interested in the situation. Disabled child could enjoy the medical card, with which Abetsashvilis could be treated free of charge as well as other kind examinations, only after the increased interest in their problem.
Local Government is Accused of Misappropriating State Funds
The Human Rights Center blames the Gurjaani local authority misappropriating state funds. The non-governmental organization is demanding that a criminal investigation be opened into the alleged high-ranking governmental officials involved.
Was the country prepared for the state of emergency?
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Last time, I visited Abkhazia five years ago. Since then, not a day goes by without thinking about it, without missing the Abkhazian
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Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
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